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Vinnie Verno Week 5: Bama -4 Over Florida

This week Vinnie Verno is back making picks so you can make money. Giving y’all a head’s up in advance, Verno guarantees that Alabama will cover -4 against Florida. He promises to burn his Julio Jones jerseys if it doesn’t happen. Run for the hills Alabama fans.   Even still. remember, he did win the baby back… Read more »

SEC Network In Partnership With ESPN Is Likely

Yesterday’s column laid out why Texas A&M and, potentially, Missouri make so much sense for the SEC. Because the league is going to start its own network. That’s why new markets make so much sense. New markets make very little sense when you’re talking about a nationally distributed game. All that leads to is more… Read more »

SEC Expansion To 14 Goal: Its Own Network

The SEC has always protected its local multimedia rights packages. That’s why comparing television revenue was always comparing apples and oranges. The SEC sold its tier one and tier two television rights to CBS and ESPN, but all the schools retained their tier three — or local multimedia rights — packages. That means that every… Read more »

Trent Richardson’s 2011 Yukon With Nice Rims — Nothing To See Here

On August 28th, 2011 Alabama running back Trent Richardson was pulled over for speeding in Chilton County, Alabama. The Crimson Tide star was going 85 in a 70 and the officer noted that he blamed the “large rims” on his vehicle for the speeding violation. What was the vehicle? A 2011 GMC Yukon which retails for in the neighborhood… Read more »

Pre-Snap Reads Week Five: Nick Saban, Master, Meets Will Muschamp, Padawan

Two Conference Games to Watch   Alabama at Florida (7 CT/CBS) – Jedi master faces padawan in the Swamp on Saturday night in a prime-time matchup that could ultimately feature the two divisional front-runners in the SEC (although, in Alabama’s case, LSU still will have something to say about that). As much as Nick Saban and… Read more »

Podcast With Yahoo’s Dan Wetzel; Outkick Pics Coming This Week

Yahoo’s Dan Wetzel is a good friend of mine. He’s a college sports muckraker. I make dick jokes. But when we get together on a podcast I rapidly pull him down to my level. We discuss where Nancy Grace’s nip slip ranks in the pantheon of nip slips, Trent Richardson’s wheels, the idea of an SEC… Read more »

Starting 11: LSU Grandma Does Keg Stand

LSU went to Morgantown on Saturday. While there they came, they saw, they conquered and their grandmas did keg stands longer than your grandmas can do keg stands. That’s what LSU does, on the field and in the stands, it sees your petty boundary lines, laughs at them, and leaps well past them. I’ve known this since my Dixieland Delight… Read more »

Alabama Absolutely Dominates Arkansas

Tuscaloosa, Ala. Nick Saban owns Bobby Petrino. I think he carries him around in his fancy straw hat. Arkansas’s head coach, now in his fourth year with the Razorbacks, has flirted with big wins that would announce Arkansas’s ascension to the top of the SEC. But more often than not Petrino has been unable to get… Read more »

Will Missouri Fans Fight For the SEC?

Yesterday I made the mistake of believing something that a Big 12 official said. When Oklahoma’s president David Boren said that the remaining nine members of the Big 12 had given a six-year grant of rights to the league, I turned off the press conference and went to wrestle with my two boys. (This is… Read more »

Vinnnie Verno Week Four: The Bet the Baby Game Is Back

Vinnie Verno rolls in to Week 4 with five new picks for you. This means you should probably run in the opposite direction. This week he’s got the bet the baby game, the hammer lock, and the seat cushion game. He’s also got a baby with a mustache. Remember he makes picks, you make money.… Read more »

Pre-Snap Read Week 4: The Pink Slip Bowl

Two Conference Games to Watch   Arkansas at Alabama (3:30 ET/CBS) – This game has become the SEC West’s premier early-season matchup. Despite Alabama running off a string of four straight victories, and five of the last six, Arkansas has proved a tough out for the Tide in each of those four losses but 2008.… Read more »

The Big 12 Makes Ron and Sammi Look Stable

Wow. Just when you think that conference realignment can’t get any crazier last night happens. If you were already in bed, which I know a lot of you were, you probably missed Larry Scott and the Pac 12 pimpslapping Texas and Oklahoma in advance of the duo’s application to join the Pac 12. Put simply, the votes for… Read more »

The SEC’s Final Four of Football

Lost amid the rush to four 16 team superconferences has been this question: why are 16 team conferences any better than 12 team conferences? The move to 12 teams made complete sense because two divisions of six opened up the ability to play a conference championship. But what does moving to 16 gain you? More money,… Read more »

West Virginia to the SEC Makes No Sense, Won’t Happen

The latest expansion rumor du jour is that the SEC is prepared to add West Virginia as the league’s 14th member. Y’all are blowing up my Twitter feed asking about this and it seems to have taken on a life of its own on the message boards across the South. So let me put this as… Read more »

Michigan Grandmas Shotgun Beers Like Pros

My wife is a Michigan grad. My sons have Michigan grandmothers. What does all this mean? Someday on a college campus in the future this could be my family. With all the conference realignment talk sometimes it’s worth pointing out that the reason we all love college football is because sometimes it leads to this… Read more »

South Carolina Latest SEC School To Face NCAA Sanctions

Remember Mike Slive’s dream to have every SEC school off probation? Yeah, that dream is dead. Alabama, LSU, Tennessee, Kentucky, and Auburn have all tangled with NCAA issues in the last two years. Today South Carolina became the latest SEC school to receive an NCAA notice of allegations. South Carolina published that document here. In it the NCAA alleges that ten… Read more »

Syracuse and Pitt to the ACC: What Now?

The Longhorn Network started all of this. Texas’s partnership with ESPN on a twenty year, $300 million dollar deal sent Texas A&M to the SEC, which sent Oklahoma exploring its options, which now has led to the first conference realignment domino falling in 2011: Pittsburgh and Syracuse, two founding members of the Big East Conference,… Read more »