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West Virginia to the SEC Makes No Sense, Won’t Happen

The latest expansion rumor du jour is that the SEC is prepared to add West Virginia as the league’s 14th member. Y’all are blowing up my Twitter feed asking about this and it seems to have taken on a life of its own on the message boards across the South. So let me put this as… Read more »

Michigan Grandmas Shotgun Beers Like Pros

My wife is a Michigan grad. My sons have Michigan grandmothers. What does all this mean? Someday on a college campus in the future this could be my family. With all the conference realignment talk sometimes it’s worth pointing out that the reason we all love college football is because sometimes it leads to this… Read more »

South Carolina Latest SEC School To Face NCAA Sanctions

Remember Mike Slive’s dream to have every SEC school off probation? Yeah, that dream is dead. Alabama, LSU, Tennessee, Kentucky, and Auburn have all tangled with NCAA issues in the last two years. Today South Carolina became the latest SEC school to receive an NCAA notice of allegations. South Carolina published that document here. In it the NCAA alleges that ten… Read more »

Syracuse and Pitt to the ACC: What Now?

The Longhorn Network started all of this. Texas’s partnership with ESPN on a twenty year, $300 million dollar deal sent Texas A&M to the SEC, which sent Oklahoma exploring its options, which now has led to the first conference realignment domino falling in 2011: Pittsburgh and Syracuse, two founding members of the Big East Conference,… Read more »

Tennesseee Will Beat Florida

Tennessee will beat Florida tomorrow. Take that to the bank. In fact, the Florida Gators are presently 9.5 point favorites. That’s why it’s time to dust off the bet your mortgage guarantee. Last season the bet your mortgage pick had some issues. Indeed, many cities in the South had tent cities as families were forced out of their… Read more »

All That and a Bag of Mail: LSU’s Hot Goalie Trying Out For Kicker

Sorry the mailbag is delayed a bit today because of last night’s LSU- Mississippi State game. So I’m just now putting the finishing touches on this week’s edition. All the while trying to get geared up for tomorrow’s UT-Florida game which OKTC will be covering from the Swamp.  It’s one of those quick 24 hour game trips that are high-risk,… Read more »

Is Baylor Really Holding Up Super-Conferences?

Last week started out with such promise!  The SEC voted unanimously to accept Texas A&M into the conference, Oklahoma began discussion with the Pac 12 about switching conferences with Oklahoma St. likely to follow… the pieces were falling into place for the formation of the super-conferences, which is essential to my dream scenario for a… Read more »

Sarah Palin Has the Right Idea With Glen Rice

The Huffington Post just reported today that legendary author and actress Jackie Collins recently said, “Good-looking women cannot get elected into office.” She explained that no man wants to think about a woman in politics in a sexual light.   I know one person who would vehemently disagree with that, and his name is Glen… Read more »

Vinnie Verno Meets His Great-Grandpa, Makes You Money

Vinnie Verno has suffered the trials and tribulations of a cruel and unforgiving gaming industry. But he isn’t quitting. Not hardly. Not with the spirit of his great-grandfather driving him forward to picks greatness. Vinnie Verno’s even got a gift for you in tonight’s LSU-Mississippi State game. He says the Bulldogs win it straight up.… Read more »

LSU Outspells Mississippi State 19-6

You know what happens when you put a blonde girl in Mississippi? This sign. (Also, there’s a 76% chance of a shotgun wedding). Yep, the blonde sorority girl with the bad spelling knew what she was talking about. “Every Single Play Conts.” (By the way, somewhere Stephen Garcia was watching this game and when he… Read more »

Jaguar Fans Celebrate Home-Opener vs. Titans with Steve McNair Skeleton

A little over two years ago Tennessee Titans quarterback Steve McNair was murdered in a downtown Nashville condo. The violent murder still lingers in the city of Nashville. McNair wasn’t an isolated sports star adrift from the city; he was a popular pro athlete who called Nashville home and was embraced by the community. Even… Read more »

Texas Is Scared of the SEC

Guess which major conference is the best fit for the Texas Longhorns if the Big 12 crumbles? The SEC. Guess which major conference is the only one the Texas Longhorns aren’t considering? The SEC. The reason is simple, the Texas Longhorn administration, would-be bullies, are scared to play in the nation’s best football conference. As the Longhorns latest soap… Read more »

Texas A&M and Oklahoma Declare Independence from Texas

Slowly but surely Texas’s arrogance, me-first attitude, and bullying nature has isolated it from other schools in college football. The Longhorns desperately want all the benefits of independence without the hindrance of actually being independent. For years Oklahoma and Texas A&M, the two rivals that helped to make Texas the program that it is, took the… Read more »

The Mountain Boys: Week Two at Hartselle

It is August, and I am inside the Brewer locker room.  Practice has just ended, and junior Jalen Chatman sits on one of the wooden benches, talking to me about the upcoming season.  Chatman is a linebacker who moonlights as a fullback in the Patriots’ power sets.  He is about 5’9” and 210, just the… Read more »

The Mountain Boys: Week 3 vs. Curry

Someone at the front of the crowd decides that it is time, and the door swings open. The players rush out into the cool mountain air, to the sounds of cheerleaders and the sweet aroma of a dozen different perfumes blending into one. One by one the players pass through into the night, pausing only… Read more »

Pre-Snap Read Week 3 in the SEC

As we enter week three of the college football season, we’re starting to find out which teams are for real and which teams may have some serious problems as they head into the meat of the season. OKTC takes a look at the top question marks facing a few SEC squads this week, and we… Read more »

NFL Mailbag and More With Carolina Panthers’ Geoff Schwartz

  Since I’ve had nothing better to do since my surgery last week, I thought I’d share some thoughts from the rehab table.   I will tell you the absolute best thing . . . well second best as my hip is feeling great… to come from my operation, I found DIRECTV’s RedZone channel. Wow, this… Read more »

Fall Wedding Fail: A Rebuttal

Alright.  I wanted to save my wedding day story for the week of my anniversary, but because my very opinionated boss who I won’t say by name (editor’s note: “boss” is definining what I do very broadly) decided to write a few paragraphs slamming the fall ceremony, it’s been bumped up to…now.  I got married… Read more »

Cam Newton: The Most Hated Man in the South

Cam Newton is the most hated man in the South since General William Sherman. The union general burned Atlanta, all Cam did was shine a light onto the darkest corners of the 2010 SEC football season. As we wait on the NCAA to issue an official ruling, the vast majority of the fans in the… Read more »