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Strong Safety: A Season In North Alabama Football

OKTC will cover sports from a variety of perspectives. We hope you enjoy this piece from a rural North Alabama high school. And now, introducing Matthew Pierce. … The perfect blue sky is bleeding pink at the edges. The summer heat has finally broken. It is Friday night in North Alabama, and two school buses… Read more »

SEC West Recruiting Breakdown: The Dorial Green-Beckham Sweepstakes

Yesterday OKTC brought you our rankings for the top classes in the SEC for 2012. You can see those rankings here. Here’s the individual team breakdowns for the SEC West so you can keep tabs on where the class of 2012 is headed. Again, due to how rapidly these classes are filling up, by the time the… Read more »

SEC’s New Reality: Pay the Coaches Or Lose

The football and men’s basketball coach are the two most important representatives of any university. A good coach in either sport is worth his weight in gold. That means good coaches can command premium salaries. This is not rocket science, it’s a concept that exists across the spectrum of highly trained professionals in our globalized… Read more »

OutkicktheCoverage’s 2012 SEC Recruiting Class Rankings

Today, we debut OKTC’s recruiting big board for the class of 2012. We’ll update this list — and eventually add a national component — but for now we’re assessing where each SEC school stands in the first week in August relative to its peers in the toughest recruiting conference in the nation. Let’s insert the… Read more »

Randy Moss Retires. But We Hope Not.

There haven’t been many athletes better at pouting and throwing hissy fits than Randy Moss. There also haven’t been many athletes as exciting, freakishly athletic, and game-altering as the enigmatic wide receiver from Rand, West Virginia. The former makes me think that his surprise retirement this week is nothing more than a public overreaction to his… Read more »

Steve Spurrier’s “Lifestyle Changes” for Stephen Garcia

How optimistic is Steve Spurrier about the 2011 Gamecocks? Appearing at SEC media days Steve Spurrier brought back the late 1990’s Florida Gators swagger. you could just tell he was already planning on going for two when his team was up 41-0 on you midway through the fourth quarter. But he also couldn’t escape the… Read more »

How Yahoo Sports Became ESPN’s Biggest Competitor

ESPN has no true competition right now in the world of television. Any sporting event that it truly wants to air, it can. CBS, Comcast, and Fox are all hoping to put together business plans that can slice away at ESPN’s insurmountable lead in this arena, but that seems unlikely. That’s because all of those… Read more »

It’s Time for SEC vs. Pac-12 to Open Season

It’s rare that college football ideas come from watching international soccer matches. But such was the case when I found myself sprawled on the couch at my in-law’s rooting for the US to beat Mexico in the Gold Cup final this summer. For those who aren’t aware, the Gold Cup occurs every two years and… Read more »

Things I’ve learned since living in SEC territory

A lot of you people were born and bred in SEC territory, raised on all things football, just innately understanding that “garnet” is South Carolina, and “crimson” is Alabama. And both look “red.” But you don’t say “red.” Or “maroon.” Unless you went to Mississippi State. Which is apparently something completely different than Ole Miss.… Read more »

Bama Fan Death Threats: All That and a Bag of Mail

I could have made this entire mailbag praise from Alabama fans for writing about the NCAA’s continuing investigation of Auburn last week when the site launched. Bama fans fell over backward thanking me for being the only truth teller in the South, the only person willing to stand up to Auburn. Meanwhile Tiger fans spewed… Read more »

I kind of, maybe a little bit, don’t really like your team

I heard an Auburn fan tell this joke last week: “What do an Alabama fan and a maggot have in common? They can both live off a dead bear for 20 years.”  In a hormonal rage — I’m pregnant remember — I threw down my glass, kicked off my shoes, sat in the middle of the… Read more »

What If the Steelers James Harrison Had to Find Another Job?

Have you ever had one of those friends that’s just a supreme douchebag?  You know who I’m talking about.  The friend who splashes gutter water on little kids walking home from school, then cackles with joy while flipping them off and driving away?  The friend who thought “wedgies” were hilarious…basically like every blond ass— antagonist… Read more »

Air Conditioning and the State of Florida’s Rise to Sports Dominance

In 1902 Willis Carrier invented air-conditioning in Buffalo, New York. Carrier didn’t know it yet, but he’d just reversed the outcome of the Civil War, producing the single greatest weapon in the history of the American South, the ability to be cool in our long, hot, sultry summers. Four years later, in 1906, inventors in Belmont, North… Read more »

Julio Jones Signing a Stack of Jerseys in T-Town Menswear

Every day brings a new revelation that makes Alabama’s explanation for what went down at T-Town Menswear look more and more artificial. Today, meet Julio Jones, man of many suits, as he signs a stack of personalized jerseys inside T-Town Menswear. The photo is courtsey of SportsByBrooks, you need to click the link to see how… Read more »

Jay Cutler and Kristin Cavallari Split: I’m Crushed

In a long list of things I can’t handle, the termination of an otherwise beautiful love story falls somewhere in between:   1. Five-finger toe shoes; (Just when you thought the omnipotent reign of Crocs was slowly and mercifully coming to an end, we are now subjected to these wearable little pieces of Hell, possibly… Read more »

The Complicated Mistress

’96. You tackle now-NFL fullback Heath Evans nine times in your final high school football game.  We’ll start with that — he’s SEC.  You tackle Heath Evans, and he kips-up and says “Awesome tackle, man!” every time you hit him and it really sounds sincere, and then he bounces back to his huddle and stares… Read more »

How in the world could Alabama players have known their jerseys were for sale? has obtained a picture of the kiosk in the center of the Tuscaloosa Mall. (Some now say this is the Galleria Mall. Either way the kiosks were visually the same. So now we know that there were actually autographed jerseys from current players at multiple locations). The Tuscaloosa kiosk is where Alabama actually addressed the cease and desist letter it… Read more »

Alabama’s Timeline Makes No Sense; Nick Saban Comments on Story

On Friday morning broke the story of the shady relationship between T-Town Menswear and the Alabama football program. Later that morning Alabama shot down the legitimacy of that story by saying it had sent a cease and desist letter to the store back in December. Alabama also said that it had not contacted anyone… Read more »

Why Is Trent Richardson Out To Dinner with Tom Albetar?

As the story surrounding T-Town Menswear continues to grow — USA Today had it on the front page of today’s newspaper — and the Birmingham News sent two reporters to the store yesterday, including lead columnist Kevin Scarbinsky who noted what appears to be Trent Richardson’s BCS game jersey on the wall, Alabama continues to… Read more »

Tebow Time in Denver

Thank you sweet, baby Jesus!  NFL Football is back! Now I can stop pretending like I care about baseball, or that I am excited about women’s soccer and our 2nd place World Cup team (thanks for killing soccer in America, Japan!  That’s a good step towards gaining our forgiveness for Pearl Harbor, and all those… Read more »