Outkick the Show: Thursday, July 25, 2019

On today’s Outkick the Show, Clay Travis discussed the financial downfall of running back Adrian Peterson of the Washington Redskins. Reports say Peterson is nearing the $100 million salary mark yet he is being hounded by creditors and is deeply in debt. It is an unprecedented level of financial failure, said Travis. “To go through $100 million, Adrian Peterson would have had to spend 25K a day, every day, for the last 12 years.” He added, “Assuming he was sleeping for 8 hours a day, AP was spending $1,500 every waking hour for his entire life.”

Clay also addressed Taylor Lewan of the Tennessee Titans and his recent failed PED test, and recommended that all professional athletes choose to only use supplements provided by their teams/organizations.

Clay then referenced his recent interview on Outkick with presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii. Clay’s interview ended up being a leading story on Fox News, USA Today, as well as CNN, who failed to credit Clay and Outkick as the source.

Clay covered Robert Mueller’s testimony as well, deciding that the effort did nothing to advance the impeachment effort. Clay stated that there will be no “Hail Mary” to remove President Trump from the White House and the only hope the Democrats have is to defat him in the 2020 election. “This has been a ludicrous obsession by the Democrats,” said Travis.

Clay then commented on Ezekiel Elliott and his holdout from signing with the Dallas Cowboys. It is Clay’s opinion that the Cowboys need to call his bluff because in today’s NFL, a running back shouldn’t be overpaid.

Clay went on to address the massive shoe contract between Zion Williamson and Nike and their Air Jordan brand. This is the highest shoe contract in history for an NBA rookie. This, said Travis, was a massive gamble as Zion has a lot of improving to do before becoming a great player.

Finally, Clay  discussed the drama surrounding Dan LeBatard and ESPN. LeBatard, who decided to abandon the company policy at ESPN and publicly criticize President Trump while on the air at ESPN. After a week, ESPN President Jimmy Pitaro decided not to fire LeBatard for his comments.


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