Inside the Mind of the Lady Who Will Win Your Bracket Pool

March Madness is upon us. You’ve printed out your bracket. You’ve been watching all season long. You’re researching all of the unknown teams, and calculating those upset picks so carefully. You know Kentucky’s line-up by heart and will spend several days over-analyzing Belmont’s games against RPI Top 50 teams. When you finally turn in that… Read more »

Peyton Manning Hysteria Sweeps Nashville

Confession: I awkwardly danced in my living room when Jim Wyatt of the Nashville Tennessee reported Bud Adams wanted to sign Peyton Manning. Never has an 89 year old billionaire owner and a 32 year old whose name is a curse word inside the Titans faciltiy, been more in sync. Nearly two months ago I made… Read more »

Early NCAA Tournament Lines of Interest

The NCAA Tournament field is out and already early lines for the week’s games are out. You can see all those lines here. But I thought I would hit you with the lines that jumped out the most at me. Georgetown opened just -5 against Belmont in a 3 vs. 14 match-up and within the first hour of… Read more »

Which SEC FanBase would be most dangerous with Nuclear Weapons?

 Yesterday we learned Auburn’s basketball team is being investigated by the FBI for point-shaving. My favorite part of this Yahoo article? The FBI has a field office in Auburn. The FBI! Have y’all been to Auburn? They don’t even have an Outback Steakhouse. But they’ve got an FBI office.   This makes perfect sense.  Proving… Read more »

Lies Saved By the Bell Told Us About Sports

When I wake up in the mornin’ and the ‘larm gives out a warnin’, I don’t think I’ll ever make it on time.  I want to skip work and watch Saved by the Bell reruns on TBS.  (TBS, don’t think I haven’t noticed that you’re letting Tyler Perry occupy SBTB’s time slot these days.  Are… Read more »

Vegas Odds for Where Peyton Manning Ends Up Next

I know lots of y’all went to bed last night with visions of Peyton Manning dancing in your head. Indeed, as @davidfarmer23 on Twitter tweeted me this morning: “If given truth serum, how many men would admit to having a dream last night with Manning as their teams QB?” The answer? A ton. Including, me.… Read more »

College Football Recruiting’s $22 Million Dollar Man

Shannon Terry, the man who has made more money off the Internet recruiting business than anyone in the country, is sitting in a dark brown booth on a Monday afternoon in early March. Wearing a black Nike dri-fit shirt emblazoned with the 247Sports logo, the third college team site and recruiting company he’s founded in the past nineteen years, Terry, a bearded, tall 42 year… Read more »

Texas A&M President Tweets Welcome For South Carolina Rivalry

The SEC hasn’t made an official announcement about the football schedule for upcoming years beginning in 2013, but it seems clear that the 6-1-1 format has won out. That is each school will play all six division rivals, one consistent rival from the other division, and one rotating team. (That’s barring a seismic shift in the SEC plate… Read more »

Vegas Ranks the Bubble Teams

Let’s face it, the NCAA Tournament bubble is endlessly fascinating. How do you decide who the final teams are? It’s incredibly entertaining. And one of the reasons why it’s so fascinating is because there are so many different ways to make the case for which teams should be in and which should be out. Do you give… Read more »

Awkward Fan Photos: Kentucky Wildcats Edition

It’s basketball season. Which means, you guessed it, Kentucky fans strut across the stage to take their turn as the focus of OKTC’s recurring awkward fan photo collection. If this is your first trip to OKTC’s awkward fan photo column, you’ll want to familiarize yourself with our deconstruction of a Bama fan and his pregnant… Read more »

Derek Dooley Loses 7th Coach In One Offseason

Derek Dooley, the 15th best coach in a 14 team SEC, today lost his seventh assistant coach in the same offseason when recruiting coordinator and defensive backs coach Terry Joseph abandoned ship for Nebraska. His seventh. The only thing worse than losing seven coaches? None of them left for better jobs. (And none of them… Read more »

Ranking the 2008 SEC Recruiting Classes Four Years Later

Each year, a heavy emphasis is placed on recruiting rankings in college football. Rightfully so. Recruiting has evolved into a big business in its own right, and the money-making machine that major collegiate athletics has become is fed by talent. Without it, you’re left out of the financial puzzle. Access to it provides you a… Read more »

SEC Basketball Is a Mess: Your 2012 Tournament Seedings

Okay, it’s officially March. So we’re going to pivot a bit of attention to present-day madness. Namely, the current SEC basketball standings. Kentucky is by far the best team in the country and the SEC and will be the number one seed in the SEC tournament. That’s the easy part. But what about the rest of… Read more »

NCAA rule on transferring student contact is unintelligible

Vanderbilt University is presently conducting an investigation in to whether or not coach James Franklin may have tampered with Maryland quarterback Danny O’Brien. The Terps signal caller, who has expressed a desire to be granted his release to Vanderbilt, would be eligible to play in 2012 and was recruited to Maryland by then offensive coordinator… Read more »

Vegas Odds on NCAA Title as March Begins

We’re entering March this week which means it’s close to March Madness time. As the bubble talk heats up and you start to think about your bracket picks — save at least one spot for OKTC’s challenge — what has Las Vegas thought of the 2012 action. Who has risen and who has fallen and who are the… Read more »

How an SEC recruiting junkie won an Oscar

Last night an SEC recruiting junkie a lot like you and me won an Oscar. Rich Middlemas, a University of Tennessee grad who moved to Hollywood soon after graduation, is a huge Volunteer fan who follows recruiting. Back in 2009 he came across a Memphis Commercial-Appeal story about O.C. Brown, a large lineman from a poor Memphis city school,… Read more »

Mississippi State Student Body President Has Finest Bama Bangs On Planet

A Southern politician is only as good as his hair. And if you’re a male SEC student between the ages of 18-24 who wants to guarantee votes what hairstyle do you rock? Bama Bangs of course. That’s why I wasn’t surprised when a tipster pointed OKTC in the direction of Mississippi State student body president Rhett… Read more »

Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know About the Forty

I spent three months training for the NFL Combine alongside future NFL draft picks like Peyton Hillis of the Cleveland Browns, Jason Jones of the Tennessee Titans, and Brad Cottam of the Kansas City Chiefs in 2008 and I learned everything a non-athlete could possibly know about the forty.  Here’s my tutorial for y’all.  …  The forty is the single most… Read more »

College Athletes Have Won the Right to Transfer Schools

Let this be a lesson to college coaches: you have the lost the battle to unfairly restrict student transfers. Period. Today Maryland coach Randy Edsall became the latest coach to be put through the transfer ringer. After insisting that he would not grant three players a full release from Maryland — specifically he included restrictions on… Read more »