SEC Coaches as Civil War Generals

My name is Clay Travis and growing up I went to Civil War sleepaway camp. As a scholarship student, no less. I wrote essays to win this scholarship. Back in the summer of 1996 when I was 17 years old I went to Gettysburg College and spent a week living in the dorms there. (Yes, this really happened).… Read more »

SEC Recruiting: Christmas Gifts Abound

With National Signing Day six weeks away, OKTC has taken a look at where each SEC recruiting class stands and determined what each team needs Santa to bring them to fill out their allotment of 25 signees in 2012. Alabama – Nick Saban has put together another banner recruiting class, and depending on how things… Read more »

The Most Expensive Athlete Divorces of All Time

Raise your hand if you were surprised by the announcement of Kobe Bryant’s pending divorce from Vanessa, his wife of 10 years.  Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?  I didn’t think so.  Celebrity media types like the crazies at TMZ broke into a frenzy last week when the filing of the couple’s divorce papers became public knowledge. However, almost… Read more »

OKTC’s Awkward Fan Photo Contest: Introducing Bama Fans

In “Dixieland Delight” I wrote that no matter which SEC team you root for 15% of your fan base fulfills every stereotype. They failed the GED three times, are drunk on Coors Light by ten every morning, dropped out of school at 14 and commenced popping out children to help fill their trailer home shortly therefater,… Read more »

Golf Cart Runs Wild at Texas State High School Championships

Clear eyes, full heart, look out! In a video that I just received this morning — I hereby blame every one of my readers in Texas for not Tweeting me this sooner — there was a runaway golf cart at the Texas state title game. And, well, if you haven’t gotten enough laughs from the… Read more »

Mike McQueary Testifies, Says He Told Paterno and Penn State Officials Details of Sandusky Sexual Assault

For months Mike McQueary has remained silent about what exactly he witnessed in the Penn State locker room showers back in the spring of 2002. Today he finally broke that silence in a pretrial hearing involving the perjury charges levied against former Penn State athletic director Tim Curley and former university vice-president Gary Schultz. McQueary’s story… Read more »

OKTC’s Bowl Preview Part One

Zach Bingham In twenty-four days there will be thirty-five different bowl games played. The OKTC is here to cover them all. Whether you watch the games for the joy, the thrill, or because you have your kid’s college tuition on the line, this is where you can get a leg up. Here we go. Gildan… Read more »

How Will Departures of Malzahn, McElwain, and Weis Impact Recruiting?

With the recruiting dead period approaching as the holidays draw near, a number of high-profile committed recruits from around the Southeast are looking around in an effort to reaffirm their pledges or find new destinations before National Signing Day. With three SEC offensive coordinators taking head coaching jobs outside the region in recent days, some… Read more »

West Virginia Creates Scheduling Mess For Big East, Big 12

The SEC will release its official schedule early next week. That schedule will be for 14 teams, including Texas A&M and Missouri. That will put to rest scheduling issues in the SEC, but it will further crystallize existing scheduling issues in the Big 12 and the Big East. Namely, who will blink first when it comes to… Read more »

Vanderbilt Enlists Elvis To Help Sell Liberty Bowl Tickets

Vanderbilt is heading to the Liberty Bowl. The school has already sold out of their initial allotment of tickets and is pushing for a substantial show of support for first year head coach James Franklin. How can you take ticket sales to the next level? With Elvis, of course. Start your Wednesday off right as… Read more »

Gus Malzahn To Arkansas State: WTF?

Raise your hand if you had Gus Malzahn leaving $1.3 million a year to take the Arkansas State head coaching job for $800k. Yeah, didn’t think so. Raise your hand if you thought Arkansas State would make the best hire of the 2011 coaching carousel. (Stop with the emails Ohio State fans. You were going to… Read more »

The 25 Best College Football Jobs in America

Now that the coaching carousel has slowed down and only one big job remains open, I thought it might make sense to objectively assess the best coaching jobs in America. That is, irrespective of who is coaching right now or what the current team’s record is or how good the players are, what are the… Read more »

Tim Tebow and the Power of Clutch

Being clutch in sports is like Supreme Court justice Potter Stewart’s definition of obscenity — we know it when we see it. We can’t always quantify clutch in sports, but we all know that some athletes are clutch and some are not. Hell, the level of the sport really doesn’t matter when it comes to… Read more »

Les Miles Destroys Bama Heckler With Two Words At Heisman Ceremony

Les Miles is my favorite sports figure because of videos like the one you’re about to see. As he enters the Heisman Trophy ceremony Miles passes by several Alabama fans who have chosen to spend their vacation in New York City wearing Alabama apparel and waving their pom-pons on a sidewalk outside the Heisman ceremony.… Read more »

What Not To Give Sports Fans This Holiday Season

Christmas is a time for joy.   But sadly, I can’t trust you people not to take my joy away by making the wrong decision when it comes to Christmas gifts.   I’ve seen firsthand what an unacceptable gift can do to the holidays. When I was twelve, I bounded down the stairs Christmas morning… Read more »

SEC is second most valuable brand in football behind the NFL

Today CBS Sports announced that the three highest rated college football telecasts of the 2011 season were all SEC game: LSU-Alabama, the SEC title game (LSU-Georgia), and the LSU-Arkansas game all received a 15 share or better. (The LSU-Alabama game received a 20 share, one of the highest ratings for a college football game in the past cable era).… Read more »

Titans Beat Bills; Teachers Arrested Having Sex in Bathroom

I blame y’all for not letting me know about this story. Just when I thought all the drama was taking place on the field during the Titans 23-17 win, two teachers were arrested for having sex in Ralph Wilson Stadium bathrooms. Seriously. What percentage of women would have sex in a public bathroom even if… Read more »