SEC Accidentally Announces Missouri To SEC

In what may go down as the most ridiculous aspect of conference realignment, the SEC had everything prepared on their website to announce Missouri as the 14th member of the conference set to begin play in 2012. Those pages weren’t supposed to be accessible by the public. Except they were. Uh oh. The publication date on… Read more »

Presnap Reads: Will Cocktail Party Futility Continue for Georgia?

Two Conference Games to Watch   Florida vs Georgia (3:30 ET/CBS) – History battles reality on Saturday as two teams headed in seemingly different directions meet in Jacksonville. One has owned the series while the other has owned the last month of the current season. Both teams enter the game coming off bye weeks, but… Read more »

All That and a Bag of Mail: Toddler Derek Dooley Owns Universe

Late last night the toddler Halloween costume of the year arrived on my Twitter feed. I’m not going to lie, I thought my one-year old’s toddler Darth Vader was going to be pretty hard to beat. Then this showed up on my Twitter timeline. This is even better than Deadspin’s Baby Mangino from a couple year’s back. I’ve… Read more »

The NFL’s Assault on Baseball Via Nashville Ratings

I grew up a massive baseball fan. Every morning I devoured the local sports section to read the box scores. Every night I watched my team, the Cincinnati Reds, on our local Nashville Fox affiliate or I’d crank up my dad’s ancient radio and listen to the AM broadcast of the Reds’ games. I collected… Read more »

What’s Next For Big 12, Big East?

With Missouri to the SEC all but done, the male soap opera of conference realignment turns back to the Big 12 and the Big East. Namely, what the hell are these conferences going to do? Missouri’s departure will leave the Big 12 with nine members. It also means that the Big 12 will face a… Read more »

Do Not Go To Tuscaloosa’s Waffle House Late Night

Tuscaloosa will be the site of the biggest SEC football game in years. Just be careful where you head post-game. In fact, you might want to knock the Tuscaloosa Waffle House off the itinerary. At least if this video offers any indication of what it might be like. The most confusing thing about this fight… Read more »

LSU-Bama Tickets Surprisingly Affordable…Right Now

Yesterday LSU and Alabama both won to set up the SEC’s first ever #1 vs. #2 showdown. Today CBS announced that it was taking the extraordinary step of moving a 2:30 central telecast to primetime at seven in the evening. The South is already treating the game — which comes with a convenient bye week… Read more »

Arizona-UCLA Streaker: the Full Video

Last night during the UCLA-Arizona football game a brawl broke out. The cause of the brawl? A fake ref streaker. Seriously. Entering from the sideline a student dressed as a fake ref provoked confusion. In a move reminiscent of Jimmy Hart, the fake ref distracted the real refs and a brawl ensued. As streaking goes,… Read more »

Ranking the Hotness of SEC Coaches

Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve written anything….seems like Clay is hogging all the time on here!  That, and I haven’t really had anything worth saying that hadn’t already been said (much better) by someone else.However, with the SEC quarterbacks dropping like flies, I believe it’s time to create a new Hotness Ranking –… Read more »

It’s Double-Digit Favorite Week for Vinnie Verno

Like Vinnie Verno, I think the opening line in the Arkansas-Ole Miss line — 15.5 — is a gift from the Gods. I have no idea who is looking at Ole Miss’s roster and continuing to believe the Rebels have a chance to keep this game close. Can Vinnie Verno get to 5-0 for a… Read more »

Why Missouri and Texas A&M Football Will Thrive In the SEC

As we near Missouri’s invite to become the SEC’s 14th — a likelihood first reported by this site back in early September — one of the most consistent tropes in the anti-Missouri and anti-Texas A&M to the SEC argument is that Texas A&M and Missouri can’t compete in football. I think that argument is completely wrong. Now, if you’re arguing that Missouri… Read more »

Presnap Read: Alabama Prepares to Vanquish Tennessee

Two Conference Games to Watch   Alabama at Tennessee (7:15 ET/ESPN2) – “The Third Saturday in October” once again takes place a week late on the calendar as the Tide and Vols square off in one of the South’s oldest rivalries. In a series defined over the past 40 years by its streaks, Alabama looks… Read more »

The Play That Led to Georgia-Vandy Confrontation: Georgia Defensive Back Shawn Williams’ Cheap Shot

Today the SEC announced that Georgia defensive back Shawn Williams and defensive lineman Kwame Geathers along with Vanderbilt center Logan Stewart have all been suspended for the first half of their next games. The Geathers and Stewart suspension was for a cut block by Stewart and the resulting personal foul after Geathers punched Stewart. Williams was suspended for “a… Read more »

Titans Will Beat Texans Per Prediction Machine

The Tennessee Titans will take on the Houston Texans this weekend in the biggest Titans game in two years. Win and the Titans are sitting pretty, a full two game lead in the division with ten to play. Lose and the Titans fall to second place, a full game back with the tiebreaker out the… Read more »

Nick Saban: the Bill Belichick of College Coaches

Nick Saban owns college football. Even the most rabid Auburn partisan would recognize this fact if you plied him or her with truth serum. (Under the influence of truth serum Tiger fans would also admit that they cheated their ass off to get Cam Newton). There is no more dominant college coach in the country.… Read more »

Marcus Lattimore Out For Season: Is NFL’s Age Restriction a Moral Issue?

South Carolina’s star running back Marcus Lattimore saw his season come to an end on Saturday. While blocking downfield at Mississippi State Lattimore’s knee was rolled into by a lineman. Lattimore, a sophomore, would have been a first round NFL draft pick if he’d been allowed to declare for the draft after his first season… Read more »

Mark Richt Apologizes to James Franklin, Calls Player a Dumbass

Saturday we posted this video of Vandy Coach James Franklin and Georgia defensive coordinator Todd Grantham’s angry confrontation in the wake of Georgia’s 33-28 victory. Monday afternoon James Franklin appeared on our 3 Hour Lunch radio show and said he couldn’t get into specifics about what he and Mark Richt had discussed or about the report… Read more »

LSU Wins Glorified Scrimmage, Nears Title Showdown

Knoxville, TN As LSU head coach Les Miles led his team off the field Saturday at Neyland Stadium, LSU fans leaned over the wall chanting: “We want Bama.” Miles merely nodded in their direction. After the game Miles was asked about the LSU at Alabama game on November 5th. A game that has already achieved… Read more »

James Franklin and Todd Grantham Confrontation at the end of Georgia-Vandy

Here is James Franklin in his post-game press conference addressing his dust-up with Georgia defensive coordinator Todd Grantham in the wake of Georgia’s narrow 33-28 win that ended with Vandy throwing an incomplete pass into the end zone. (I’ve also posted video from the post-game and of Grantham giving the choke season during last year’s… Read more »