The Daily Outkick, December 24, 2018

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LeBron James Compares NFL Owners To Slave Masters (Outkick) The comments are so dumb and so uneducated it’s amazing that anyone can take them seriously. But many in our modern day WokeCenter media will take them seriously so let’s unpack this stupidity once and for all.

Ol’ Saint Nick: Nick Foles Is Back — Again (The Ringer) In a record-setting, season-saving comeback win against the Texans, the Eagles quarterback looked more than good, for goodness’ sake.

Here’s Why No Wall Street Analysts Believe Stocks Will Suffer Next Year (CNBC) Not a single major bank strategist is forecasting a downturn next year, according to a snapshot of the forecasts of every big Wall Street firm.

NFL Playoffs: Who’s In, Who’s Out, Who’s Still in Contention (Sports Illustrated) The Titans and the Colts are playing for the final AFC wild-card spot, the Steelers are all but out of it, the Eagles need help and how the Chargers could possibly get the No. 1 seed in the AFC.

Trump’s Populist Schism Over Syria (Wall Street Journal) His troop-withdrawal plan is politically risky. The Republican base is more hawkish than isolationist.

Get Ready For A Whole Lot Of Coaching Changes, And More From Week 16 (CBS Sports) Holiday season or not, the number of fired coaches is likely to be at least seven and perhaps reach double digits.

LeBron Sparks Ire With ‘Jewish Money’ Post, Apologizes: ‘I Thought It Was a Compliment’ (Haaretz) “Strong weekend for LeBron: call white NFL owners slave masters & now going after Jewish people too. Good thing black people can’t be racist,” sports commentator Clay Travis tweeted.

Baker Mayfield Plays Dumb After Hue Jackson Stare Down (New York Post) Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield said he had “no idea” what a reporter was talking about when asked if his long, long look at the Bengals sideline was directed at former Cleveland coach Hue Jackson — now a special assistant with Cincinnati.

Der Spiegel to Press Charges Against Reporter Who Made Up Articles (New York Times) Der Spiegel has announced that it will press charges against a former star reporter accused of systemically faking interviews and articles, in what might be the biggest journalism scandal in Germany since another newsmagazine published fake Hitler diaries 35 years ago.

The NFL’s Home-Field Advantage Is Real. But Why? (538) Over 57 percent of games are won by home teams in the NFL, putting the road team at a distinct disadvantage.

‘Welcome to Marwen’ Bombs With $2.4M Debut, Will Lose $50M-Plus (Hollywood Insider) The movie got wiped out over the weekend in its domestic box office debut with a scant $2.4 million from 1,191 cinemas, tying for the worst opening of 2018 for a major Hollywood studio release.

No, An 8-Team Playoff Wouldn’t Mean Bad National Champs (SB Nation) Increasing access would not mean letting terrible teams win national titles.