The Daily Outkick: Friday, December 14, 2018

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Chargers Top Chiefs in Last Second Thriller (LA Times) Mike Williams scored a touchdown with four seconds left to make it 28-27 Chiefs, and then converted on the ensuing two-point conversion throw to a wide-open Williams to stun Kansas City. Both AFC West teams are now 11-3 on the season.

Facebook Wants You To Buy HBO On Facebook And Watch HBO On Facebook (ReCode) The world’s biggest social network wants to get into the pay TV business — by taking a page from Amazon.

Chargers Offer Hilarious Response to Stephen a. Smith’s Highly Erroneous ‘Brain Lock’ (Washington Post)  In response to Stephen A Smith’s unbelievable string of gaffes, the Chargers tweeted a late-breaking update to the Thursday night injury report: “LaDainian Tomlinson, Dan Fouts and Lance Alworth are all OUT for tonight.

Clay Travis: Stephen A Smith and the Mona Lisa of Bad Takes (Outkick) Stephen A Smith goes full-on Ron Burgundy with his “analysis” of Chargers – Chiefs.

2019 Super Bowl Odds: Simulations Point to Saints, Rams, Patriots and Chiefs (CBS Sports) The Steelers are plunging, the Ravens are a value play and more on the Super Bowl odds market in Week 15.

The Great NFL Heist: How Fox Paid for and Changed Football Forever (The Ringer) Rupert Murdoch and Fox stole the NFL and John Madden out from under the Big Three, created the modern pregame show, invented a new way to see football, and launched a television empire.

In Playoff Expansion Conversation, Recent Snubs Aren’t the Only Thing on the Big Ten’s Mind (Yahoo Sports) The angst is still flowing following the playoff selections and the Heisman Trophy announcement, and you have questions…

Clay Travis: Michael Jordan Slaps Malik Monk on Head (Outkick) Imagine if it was a white owner that smacked a black basketball player across the head.

WokeCenter 2.0? ESPN to Launch Multicultural Shows on ESPN2 and ESPN Deportes (The Big Lead) Maybe ESPN didn’t learn anything after all with the decision to add more non-sports programming to its lineup.

Kyler Murray Insists He’s Going Baseball. The NFL Doesn’t Believe Him (Sports Illustrated) The majority of sources interviewed for this story are under the same impression: Kyler Murray is going to choose football.

YouTube Rewind 2018 Officially Becomes Most-Disliked Video Ever (Variety) YouTube Rewind notched 9.9 million dislikes. That pushed it above the previous record holder: Justin Bieber’s 2010 “Baby,” with 9.84 million dislikes.

Clay Travis: I Feel Sorry for Big 10 College Football Fans (Outkick)”I’m starting to feel so sad for Big 10 football fans. They have had so many bad arguments out there that it is mind-blowing.”

Hall of Fame Quarterback Explains Why Tom Brady’s Decline Is Likely Coming Soon (CBS Sports) “The numbers are starting to show that there’s a deterioration coming,” Moon said. “Especially when you talk about the blitzing because that’s something he used to really excel at.”

Audio: Rich Greenfield Talks Future Of Sports Media (Fox Sports) Media futurist Rich Greenfield discussed NFL Rights, RSN sale, Fox, YES, Amazon, ESPN/ESPN+ and Disney+ on Clay Travis’ radio show yesterday.

The Lifespan of the NFL’s Coordinator-of-the-Moment Is Shorter Than Ever (The Ringer) John DeFilippo entered the season as one of the most exciting offensive minds in football. Now, he’s been fired by the Vikings and will serve as a cautionary tale around the league.

The Family That Left the Dolphins Game Early—and Missed a Miracle (WSJ) The Miami Dolphins’ double-lateral miracle to beat the New England Patriots will be remembered fondly by every Dolphins fan—except for Matt Yale, who, fearing post-game traffic, made the disastrous decision to leave early.