The Daily Outkick: Friday, December 21, 2018

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What’s An Eight Team College Football Playoff Worth? (Outkick) What’s an eight team playoff worth, who would pay for it, and how much demand would there be in the market for it?

Trump Always Said He Wouldn’t Be Predictable. He Was Right. (SF Gate) Give the president some credit. His goals remain fixed. However consistent he has been in enunciating goals, though, he has not shown much mastery of navigating the legislative process or of developing support from allies for his foreign policy objectives.

Urban Meyer To Teach Character & Leadership Course At Ohio State (Associated Press) Meyer said he will be co-teaching a character and leadership course at Fisher College of Business at Ohio State. #NotTheOnion

NFL Week 16 Gambling Picks with Clay Travis, Cousin Sal, and Todd Fuhrman (Lock It In)

Jimmy Pitaro and the Soul of the New ESPN (The Ringer) All told, ESPN looks more like it used to during its heyday—less debate, more news and highlights.

Facebook’s Ongoing Privacy Crises: What Happens Next After a Disastrous 2018? (Variety) Facebook investors, alarmed by the social giant’s latest privacy problems, pushed the stock down more than 7% on Dec. 19 — wiping out around $30 billion in market value. The stock was essentially flat on Thursday as the market assessed the fallout.

No Booger-Mobile? ESPN Could Revamp Monday Night Football (New York Post) Before you pencil in this entire group for next September, keep in mind that the Monday night crew will soon be doing a game without the Booger Mobile.

Why Men Support Marijuana Legalization More Than Women Do (Washington Post) Even though women are more liberal than men, women attend church more frequently and are more likely to identify as “born again.”

Why Expanding College Football Playoff Soon May Not Happen Soon (CBS Sports) Speculation about expanding the College Football Playoff has become all the rage. But it’s not as easy as it sounds.

The House Will Have Just As Many Moderate Democrats As Progressives Next Year (538) Fiscally moderate, the New Democrat Coalition could emerge as the primary counterweight to progressives within the Democratic caucus in 2019.

The Bizarre and Statistically Improbable Case of Eric Reid’s Random Drug Testing (Sports Illustrated) You have about the same probability of flipping a heads nine times in a row as he is being tested six times in 11 weeks.

‘Oh, No’: The Day Trump Learned To Tweet (Politico) Trump’s first social media adviser reveals the full inside story of how he guided his ex-boss from Luddite to Twitter addict.

Colts Proved They Can Protect Andrew Luck And Plow Way Toward Playoffs (Yahoo Sports) The Colts now have an offensive line that is talented, young and most of all, nasty. That, as much as anything, has led to the Colts’ resurgent 8-6 record this season.

Study: Amazon, Hulu And Netflix Probably Have Too Much Overlap To Subscribe To All Three (BGR) In terms of how massive each of their movie repertoires is, regardless of quality, Amazon very clearly trumps Netflix and Hulu by the thousands—with Prime’s library almost 8x the size of Hulu’s and more than 3x the size of Netflix’s.