The Daily Outkick: Thursday, December 20, 2018

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10 Major Takeaways From The Early National Signing Day And The Class Of 2019 (College Football Talk) Alabama was the No. 1 team by all the major recruiting services and there was a pretty solid gap between them and the rest of their SEC rivals like Georgia.

The Most Heartwarming Announcement on National Signing Day ( Defensive end Cooper Dawson had his friend with cerebral palsy make his announcement for him in the best college football signing of the day.

‘The Effects Cannot Be Overstated’: When Tech Invaded Media (New York Times) The traditional networks are under siege, and that, in turn, is breaking up the longstanding Hollywood power structure — and the old boys’ network behind it — in welcome ways.

Clay Travis Looks at Winners and Losers from National Signing Day (Outkick) We’ve never seen one conference dominate like this. The top four recruiting classes in the country are all from the SEC. This is the most dominant collection of player talent ever put together.

D.C. Attorney General Files Suit Against Facebook Over Privacy (Wall Street Journal) Shares of Facebook were down about 6% Wednesday on the news of the suit.

The NFL’s Analytics Revolution Has Arrived (The Ringer) Football is still well behind baseball and basketball when it comes to embracing advanced metrics, but teams have made significant progress in recent years.

CBS Considers Dropping Nielsen Ratings Contract as TV Landscape Changes (Variety) TV networks have long based their advertising rates on Nielsen’s measure of linear TV audiences, which have slipped as consumers embraced Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime and other streaming and on-demand options.

Clay Travis Full Outkick The Show Program for Wednesday, December 20 (Outkick) Clay discusses National Signing Day, the Panthers shutting down Cam Newton, and Penny Hardaway’s spat with Rick Barnes.

Nick Foles Is The Future For The Eagles (NBC Philadelphia) Just look at the Eagles with Foles on Sunday. He shut Cris Collinsworth up. The Eagles exposed Sean McVay, who’s the most influential offensive genius to arrive in the NFL since Chip Kelly.

Stop the Stupid Tucker Carlson Boycott (Politico) “When you boycott advertisers to punish networks/programming, you’re actually punishing consumers of information and damaging the public sphere.”

Wall Street Is Making the Most Money Ever. So Why the Long Face? (Bloomberg) Bankers are savvy enough not to flaunt record-setting profits a mere decade after taxpayers bailed them out during the financial crisis.

Clay Travis: SEC Fanbase Strongest in Country (Outkick) 55% of the College Gameday audience are from the SEC.

Ed Orgeron Yells at His Players Twice to Shut Up During Press Conference (247 Sports) LSU head coach Ed Orgeron held a press conference last night to recap National Signing Day andhad to step away from the podium twice to tell his team to quiet down.

Budweiser Teams Up With Tilray To Explore Marijuana-Infused Drinks (Associated Press) Anheuser-Busch InBev and Tilray Inc. will each invest $50 million to study non-alcoholic drinks containing cannabidiol, or CBD.

How the Seahawks Built a Run-Based Offense That Better Suits Russell Wilson (Sports Illustrated) The Seahawks’ offense no longer goes through Russell Wilson. He is a complementary piece in a smashmouth system, which makes the best use of his unique gifts.

How Streaming is Saving TV Shows From Cancellation (IGN) While some television shows don’t have the greatest ratings, including NBC’s The Good Place, many are still being renewed thanks to strong viewership on streaming devices.

Patrick Mahomes Announces Ketchup Endorsement Deal with Revolting Video  (CBS Sports) His first ad for Hunt’s is a video of Mahomes working out and flexing in order to squeeze ketchup all over mac and cheese.