The Daily Outkick: Thursday, July 25, 2019

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A Security Worker Confronted The Skateboarders. He Ended Up With Brain Damage. (New York Times) Skateboarders have long glorified confrontations with security workers. This one led not only to a life-altering injury, but also to soul-searching in a sport about to have its Olympic debut.

Robert Mueller’s Last Turn In The Global Spotlight Will Be Remembered As A Botch (Axios) This was 100% political theater and 0% meaningful new substance.

Adrian Peterson Owes Millions To Pa. Lender, Lawsuit Claims; RB Now Faces Potentially Third Default Judgment (The Athletic) Peterson by October is set to top $100 million in career salary, yet creditors are all but banging at his door, even leaving a summons attached to his front gate.

Democrats Are Now Left With One Option To End Trump’s Presidency: The 2020 Election (Washington Post) Democrats long have considered Robert Mueller a potential savior. Wednesday’s hearings on Capitol Hill probably shattered those illusions once and for all.

The Secret To Golf’s New Schedule Is Still A Secret (Wall Street Journal) The end of the British Open marks an earlier-than-usual conclusion to the majors season. But for most players, the adjustment on how to peak for the sport’s biggest events remains a source of guesswork and uncertainty.

Jeffrey Epstein On Suicide Watch After Accused Sex Trafficker Is Found Injured In New York Jail (CNBC) According to sources, officials do not know whether Epstein tried to hang himself, if he staged a suicide attempt, or if he was assaulted.

Titans Pro Bowl Left Tackle Says He’s Suspended 4 Games (AP) Taylor Lewan, Tennessee’s three-time Pro Bowl left tackle, says the NFL has suspended him for the first four games of the season for violating the league’s policy on performance enhancers.

Gutfeld On The Mueller Hearings (Fox News) As much as they hoped for a 12-alarm fire, all Democrats got was a damp sparkler.

The Rookie Curve: Zion Williamson Is Heading Back To School In New Orleans (The Ringer) Zion could be the NBA’s next great superstar. But as a rookie, he’s more likely to be a super role player.

And The Award For Most Embarrassing Self-Own Of The Robert Mueller Hearing Goes To: Eric Swalwell (Mediaite) While his own Spartacus dreams may have been dashed, at least he can say he also sort of ran for president a bit.

Jimbo Fisher Calls For Big Changes To Recruiting Calendar (247 Sports) Fisher advocated moving the Early Signing Period to July in order to lessen the pressure of coaches during the season.