The Daily Outkick: Tuesday, July 23, 2019

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Built By Bama: How Gene Stallings And A National Championship Team Shaped Dabo Swinney (Saturday Down South) Dabo Swinney didn’t leave Alabama behind. Just the opposite. He took every part of it with him to Clemson — and built the next great college football giant.

Apple In Advanced Talks To Buy Intel’s Smartphone-Modem Chip Business (Wall Street Journal) iPhone maker would pay $1 billion or more for Intel patents, staff.

Questioning Consistency Between Recent NFL Suspensions, Edelman’s Injury Not A Big Deal (SI) It’s fair to question the consistency in the decisions on Jarran Reed, Tyreek Hill and Ezekiel Elliott, all of whom were investigated by the NFL for incidents in which they weren’t convicted of a crime.

Elizabeth Warren’s Recession Scare Appears Long On Fear, Short On Facts (CNBC) Debt levels appear manageable, at least for now, while there’s scant evidence of a manufacturing recession.

The Warriors Lost Their Religion This Summer (538) This is the calm before the storm; one in which a wide array of teams may feel they have a shot at winning an NBA title.

Kamala Harris Just Introduced A Bill To Decriminalize Marijuana (Vox) She’s also proposing a federal tax that would generate revenue to help people convicted of marijuana possession in the past.

Jeopardy Phenom James Holzhauer Calls Browns ‘The Single Worst Bet To Win The Super Bowl’ (Yahoo! Sports) While he’s clearly not buying the Browns hype, he’s not calling them the longest shot to win the Super Bowl. He just doesn’t like them at their current price.

The Road To Titan (Axios) Reaching Titan is not science fiction: The EU landed a probe called Huygens on Titan in 2005, and NASA is already planning to send a drone there in 2026.

Pat Fitzgerald’s Take On Attendance Decline Quickly Goes Viral (247 Sports) “I think phones, I think technology has been the decline in attendance, No. 1,” Fitzgerald said.

The Trailer For The Mister Rogers Movie Is Out, And People Are So Ready For A Wholesome Biopic (Washington Post) Can you hear the Twitterverse collectively sighing with delight? That’s because Tom Hanks and Mister Rogers are trending.

Cycling Embraces Risk, Reward And The Super Tuck (New York Times) The idea is for the cyclist to slip off his bike seat and mold his body around the bike.