The Daily Outkick: Wednesday, December 12, 2018

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The 17 Gripping Minutes That Captivated Washington (Politico) In the Oval Office, Donald Trump, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer clashed in spectacular fashion, with the cameras rolling and shocked reporters watching.

This Is the Most Important Week of the N.F.L. Season. Here’s Why (New York Times) Of the 16 games, 12 feature at least one team that holds a playoff spot or is within a game of one.

Now Missing From Bowl Games: Top College Football Players (Wall Street Journal) Fearing injury, more NFL prospects are sitting out; ‘Get out while you can’

Clay Travis: ESPN’s Most-dominant Athlete List Is Ridiculous (Outkick) “I thought this list had to be satire”

Pennsylvania Is A Battleground State … In Football (538) The Steelers’ game against the New England Patriots on Sunday afternoon is the best of the week, while Philly’s Sunday-night clash against the Rams is tied for second-best.

Kirk Cousins Is Only Top-6 Paid NFL QB In Line To Make Playoffs (Yahoo) Of the league’s six highest-paid quarterbacks this season, only Cousins is in line to make the playoffs.

Ice Cube Trying to Buy, Add ‘New Life’ to 22 Regional Sports Networks (Bleacher Report) Ice Cube has already made an impact on the sports world with the launch of the BIG3 basketball league two years ago, but the hip-hop icon is hoping to expand his reach in the future.

Former NFL Player Has Absurd Tweet About A White Rookie Qb That Can Run The Ball (Daily Caller) As Clay Travis pointed out, people aren’t calling for Allen to change positions because he had nowhere near the rushing numbers Jackson or even Tim Tebow did in college.

Clay Travis: Lamar Jackson Is Not Being Treated Unfairly (Outkick) There’s a constant obsession on Twitter about making everything in the NFL about race.

Oakland Files Lawsuit Against Raiders, NFL (Oakland Tribune) City Attorney Barbara Parker on Tuesday filed a federal antitrust lawsuit against the team and the league, a suit city leaders hope could net millions in damages and pay off the approximately $80 million in debt remaining from renovations at the Coliseum.

Five Theories to Explain LeBron James’s “Here or the Garden” Comment (The Ringer) Did LeBron really consider signing with the Knicks? Let’s dissect everything his statement to Dwyane Wade could have meant.

Herm Edwards Proved His Harshest Doubters Wrong at Arizona State (Sports Illustrated) One thing is clear: There’s no dumpster fire in Tempe. At least not yet.

Clay Travis: Steph Curry Doesn’t Believe In Moon Landing (Outkick) Don’t pay attention to athlete opinions on anything other than their sport.

2018 CBS Sports All-America team: SEC / Bama Dominate (CBS Sports) Alabama leads the way with four first-team selections, followed by LSU with three.

Sure, Verizon Blew $4.6 Billion On AOL And Yahoo, But At Least It Isn’t AT&T (CNBC) When Verizon acquired Yahoo for $4.8 billion in 2016 after spending $4.4 billion for AOL a year earlier, investors and analysts were skeptical. It turns out they were right to be. Verizon announced Tuesday it was writing off $4.6 billion from those two deals

Let The 2018 Vikings Be A Lesson On How NOT To Build A Super Bowl Roster (For The Win) The Vikings took the wrong approach this offseason, and it starts with their decision to pay Cousins… but it doesn’t end there.