The Daily Outkick: Wednesday, December 19, 2018

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Aaron Rodgers And Tom Brady Made The Pro Bowl. They Shouldn’t Have(Washington Post) Neither deserved to be named to the Pro Bowl rosters, announced Tuesday, over other quarterbacks with better 2018 résumés.

College Football’s Early Signing Period Begins Today; Here Is What You Need To Know (Forbes) This is the second year that the NCAA has allowed high school football prospects to sign national letters of intent during a 72-hour early signing period, which will run from Wednesday to Friday.

Facebook Offered Users Privacy Wall, Then Let Tech Giants Around It (Seattle Times) Internal records show that the social network had arrangements with Microsoft, Amazon and others, effectively exempting some partners from its usual privacy rules.

Big Ten Commissioner Jim Delany Ready to Talk College Football Playoff Expansion (Sports Illustrated) Delany is not the first to call for an examination of the current structure or to support conversations about expedited expansion. Big 12 commissioner Bob Bowlsby expressed a similar interest last week.

Clay Travis: 8-Team College Football Playoff is Good Move for Football (Outkick) The people who argued against a playoff because they said it would hurt the overall regular season look like imbeciles now.

SEC Dominates 2019 College Football Team Rankings (247 Sports) SEC not only has the top four recruiting classes in the country, but owns 11 out of the top 22 spots.

Washington D.C. Votes to Legalize Sports Betting (The Action Network) Washington D.C. joins eight states where gambling has been legalized.

Tracking the Race Across Antarctica (New York Times) Day 45: Two men are simultaneously attempting to become the first person to cross Antarctica alone and unsupported.

OSU Possible Transfer Destination For Georgia’s Fields (Toledo Blade) Ohio State is the front-runner to land the services of former five-star quarterback Justin Fields, multiple sources have indicated to The Blade.

Clay Travis: Justin Fields’ Transfer From Georgia Not a Good Idea (Outkick) There is no way Justin Fields gains that much from transferring.

The Era of the Small NFL QB Has Arrived (Sports Illustrated) Baker Mayfield, Tua Tagovailoa and the new quarterback mold.

Tucker Carlson Faces Advertising Boycott Over Immigration Comments (Wall Street Journal) Advertisers continued to pull commercials from Fox News program “Tucker Carlson Tonight” after the show’s host said on-air that certain immigrants were making the U.S. “dirtier and more divided.”

Eric Reid Was Hit With His 7th ‘Random’ Drug Test After Wearing Kaepernick Cleats (For The Win) The NFL’s drug-testing system is supposed to randomly select 10 players on each team for screenings. Since signing with the Panthers 11 weeks ago, Eric Reid has been selected seven times.

CBS News Faces New Challenges in Weeks Ahead (Variety) CBS president must find top management replacements and fix plummeting ratings at three of the news unit’s best known programs.

Clay Travis: Does the Fresh Prince of Bel Air “Carlton dance” Lawsuit Have Any Merit? (Outkick) Clay says getting the dance copyrighted would be similar to copyrighting a play in football.

So … Is Anybody Going to Host the Oscars? (The Ringer) Nearly two weeks removed from the Kevin Hart controversy—and nearly two weeks closer to the ceremony—the Academy still hasn’t named a replacement. Maybe that’s a good thing.

CBS Is Footing Moonves’s Legal Bills, Giving Him an Incentive to Fight (New York Times) Under his termination agreement, reached when he left the company in September, CBS itself will be picking up his legal tab.

Republicans Killed Much Of Obamacare Without Repealing It (538) It is not a single, top-down operation, but rather different parts of the conservative movement taking actions in their own spheres in opposition to the law.

Worst Rule In Football Won’t Change Until It Affects A Championship Game (Yahoo Sports) There continues to be no good argument in favor of allowing the offense to keep possession when a fumble in the field of play goes out of bounds at the one-inch line but giving the ball to the defense at its own 20 if the ball ends up hitting the pylon or otherwise ending up out of bounds in the end zone.

Clay Travis: Cam Newton is Overrated and Overpaid (Outkick) Cam Newton is going to have to become a passing quarterback because he’s not going to be able to run forever.